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Northern California Fire Rebuild
Our hearts go out to the victims of the recent Northern California fires. While it is impossible to replace what was lost, Connect Homes can help you rebuild in a way that will save you time, money and result in a modern, green, efficient homes. Please contact connect-homes to make an appointment:
706 S. Hill St, Suite 1060
Los Angeles, CA  90014
888-959-2261 or 310-622-9271

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Contact Information
Marianne McAleer
NMLS #469780
Direct: (530) 242-3367
Fax: (530) 242-3953
Cell: (530) 945-0366
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Marianne McAleer, NMLS #469780
Umpqua Bank
1770 Pine Street, Redding, CA  96001
Direct:  (530) 242-3367
Fax:  (530) 242-3953
Cell:  (530) 945-0366
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